Single Village Mezcals del Maguey-Oaxaca

Del Maguey (pronounced ma-gay) brings you a collection of fine, unblended Mescals made by individual family producers in tiny remote villages scattered throughout the sate of Oaxaco, Mexico. For 400 years the highest level of integrity is maintained in order to preserve this art which is reserve by the peoples of the mountains, plains and fertile valleys of this magical region.


  • Del Maguey, Crema De Mezcal
  • Monte Alban De Oro
  • Crema de Mezcal
  • Del Maguey, Santo Domingo Albarradas
  • Del Maguey, San Luis Del Rio
  • Del Maguey, Chichicapa
  • Los Danzantes, Blanco
  • Del Maguey, Tobola
         (Wild Mountain Maguey)
  • Del Maguey, Pechuga
         (Santa Catarina Minas)